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Great Reasons to Buy a Keg

Choice! Light, dark, amber, bitter or malty, if we have it on tap we should be able to fill you a keg. 

Flexibility! Four different sizes to suit any size gathering. 

Easy! Our new kegs the North American industry standard, easy to use and trouble free. 

Convenient! We supply you with a keg pump/beer faucet. All you need are beer cups and a bucket of ice to keep your keg cool.

Fresh! Give us at least 24 hours notice and we'll fill your keg right from our main beer tanks. 

Quality! Enjoy our national award-winning suds.

Cool! We'll keep your keg in our beer cellar so it will be nice and cold when you pick it up.

Popular! That's what you'll be when you tell everyone you're having a Bushwakker keg party!

Great Reasons to buy Growlers

Style! Our refillable beer containers are available in three unique designs; glass, stainless steel and ornate glass/metal.

Fresh is best! We fill your growler directly from our taps while you wait. What could be fresher?

Availability! If it’s a Bushwakker beer and it’s on tap, we will fill your growler. 

Extend your cool! Wrap a bright orange Bushwakker neoprene beer suit around your glass or stainless steel Bushwakker growler to keep your fresh suds chilled for hours.

Big Bottles & Jugs! View our selection of Bushwakker take home beers available in 650ML glass bottles and 2L plastic jugs in our large cooler at the end of the bar

Wines & Imported Beers! All of our imported beers and ciders are available to go. A selection of popular wines and Saskatchewan fruit wines are also available.

Please allow us 24 hrs to prepare your order!

The Bushwakker brew list the take home keg and offsale menu (PDF).


101  Small $60 29 bottles
191 Medium $110 55 bottles
291 Large $150 85 bottles
581 X-Large $275 171 bottles

Now on Tap

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From the Kitchen

Before the Bushwakker opened in January 1991 we had already spent several years visiting others brewpubs and unique restaurants and North America, looking the best ideas for what was to be... THE BUSHWAKKER PHILOSOPHY

from the kitchen