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The Bushwakker Brewpub kitchen has a set menu, seasonal specials and daily specials. Several dishes on the Bushwakker menu are made with the finest fresh Bushwakker beer. The Bushwakker philosophy that it must offer the very best, and that means everything possible must be prepared to the highest standards by Bushwakker staff within the Bushwakker, not only applies to the brewery, it also applies to the kitchen. Bushwakker kitchen staff arrive every workday morning by 7:00am, preparing meals for the day from basic ingredients. That is why Bushwakker fish and chips, nachos, hamburgers, fries and many other dishes are known to local customers to be simply the best you can get anywhere!

The Bushwakker hosts a spring Brewer's Dinner each year in conjunction with the local homebrewing club, the ALES (Ale and Lager Enthusiasts of Saskatchewan). A Brewer's Dinner is a multi-course meal in which every dish is prepared with beer and served with another beer. Each beer is chosen from a style that enhances the flavour and enjoyment of the dish

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From the Kitchen

Before the Bushwakker opened in January 1991 we had already spent several years visiting others brewpubs and unique restaurants and North America, looking the best ideas for what was to be... THE BUSHWAKKER PHILOSOPHY

from the kitchen