The Bushwakker Brewpub was created on the main floor of the Strathdee Building, a classic warehouse in what is known now as Regina's Old Warehouse District. The area contains many restaurants, nightclubs, bars and pool halls. The Strathdee was built in 1913 out of the rubble of the Great Regina Cyclone (actually a tornado) of 1912, on the site of a former Chinese laundry, and opened in 1914. It was the "cadillac" warehouse of the area. The front of the main floor housed offices and a display area, with a beautiful pressed tin ceiling. The ceiling was restored to its original glory as part of the Bushwakker development.

Bushwakker todayThe decor is in earth tones with light to medium natural wood finishes. The visitor does not forget that he/she is in a restored warehouse. The walls are decorated with dozens of pictures showing the historical development of Regina, including the aftermath of the Great Cyclone. One wall is devoted to the works of a Saskatchewan artist of the month. The brewhouse is visible through large windows.

The Bushwakker Brewpub has 9 regular beers (brewed year round), 20 seasonal beers (brewed only at certain times of the year) and a specialty mead. As well the Bushwakker Brewpub menu has a diverse dining selection as well as seasonal choices. Bushwakker also serves some of the finest single malt scotch, 100% blue agave tequilas and specialty imported European beers available.

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The Bushwakker Brewpub supports Regina Mayor Pat Fiacco's "I Love Regina" campaign. Bushwakker founder, Bev Robertson, is president of Regina's Old Warehouse Business Improvement District, whose logo appears on this page.

Bushwakker Management Team

Bev Robertson
Bev Robertson

The Robertson family spent the year 1976/1977 in Stuttgart, Germany while Bev was on sabbatical at the Universitat der Stuttgart. When the family returned home Bev decided that domestic North American beer was no longer acceptable. He took up home brewing and his efforts soon evolved into the Bushwakker Homebrewers. The Bushwakker Homebrewers consisted of a few individuals who produced roughly 250 imperial gallons of beer over each winter, for their own use. Their beers won several prizes, such as best Continental Dark/MÞnchener Dunkel in the 1985 Great Canadian Homebrew Competition for Arctic Dark. In 1985 Palliser Porter took Best in Show at the Great Canadian Homebrew Competition, Best Porter at the American Homebrewers Association competition and the Cape Cod Brewers Award.

Eventually, they began to tire and Bev decided to "go commercial" in 1986. He was able to convince the government of the day to pass enabling legislation to make Saskatchewan one of the earliest Canadian provinces to allow brewpubs. The Bushwakker received its license in 1990 and opened its doors in early 1991. As Chairman of the Board, Bev handles issues with government agencies, banks and shareholders.

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Elaine Robertson
Elaine Robertson

Elaine Robertson is The Bushwakker's General Manager Emeritus. Elaine continues to assist in making things run smoothly at The Bushwakker, for both staff and customers. She can still sling a mean pint while keeping her eye on everything happening on the floor of The Bushwakker. That means that if a server has not noticed a new customer, Elaine will get a server to that customer quickly. Elaine grew up in the small town of Keswick, New Brunswick. She has a background in Sociology and Special Education and worked for a time as a teacher. She has given presentations on Brewpub Management at international brewpub meetings. The Bushwakker is a family business and three generations of Robertson's may be found on any day working at The Bushwakker.

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Kelly Monette
Kelly Monette

Kelly Monette is the Bushwakker General Manager. She also serves as the bookkeeper, office manager, pastry chef, general problem solver and last resort at the Bushwakker. If you have questions about the unique services that The Bushwakker can provide, (special events, catering, baked goods to go, etc.) call Kelly (306 359 7276). Similarly if you wish to approach us about any unique service or product that you want to provide to the Bushwakker, call Kelly.

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MIke Monette
Mike Monette
Journeyman Bushwakker Executive Chef, Mike Monette began his career in the culinary field over 30 years ago as a dishwasher in a small downtown Regina country western venue called Sheila Anne's. His passion for the food service industry was apparent and he quickly began assuming positions of greater responsibility at The Landmark Inn and The Vagabond. He then moved on to a sous chef and acting executive chef position at The Hotel Saskatchewan. He then worked as the executive chef at The Bushwakker before returning to his home province of British Columbia for a short time. When Mike returned to Saskatchewan he was the sous chef at The Conexus Arts Centre before returning to The Bushwakker to ask for the hand of the owner's daughter, regain his status as Bushwakker Executive Chef and create a menu and professional kitchen atmosphere which has greatly contributed to The Bushwakker receiving the accolade as being one of Canada's best brewpubs by The Globe and Mail. Mike still snickers when his Lions thump The Riders.

Mitch Dalrymple - Head Brewer
Mitch Dalrymple

Our Head Brewer, Mitch Dalrymple, had the good fortune of discovering the pleasures of finely crafted beer in the late 1980's. He was immediately smitten with the wonderful new flavours and aromas and took up home brewing. In the late 1990's he was able to convince the Bushwakker’s head brewer at the time, Brant Ross, that he would make an excellent assistant. Later, an opportunity to brew for the Brewsters Brewing Co. came along and he had to say goodbye to all the wonderful people at the Bushwakker who had treated him so well over the years. When the most recent head brewer at the Bushwakker, David Rudge, decided to up stakes and move back to Winnipeg, Mitch made his way back to us. He completed a brewing course through the Seibel Institute in Chicago, to enhance his background brewing knowledge. Mitch adds that "It feels great to be back home."

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Grant Frew - Bar Manager
Grant Frew

Bar Manager Grant Frew became a member of the Bushwakker team just a few months after the Bushwakker opened in 1991. He completed a bartending course at the age of 18, before he had reached the Saskatchewan legal drinking age. He worked in a number of positions before arriving at the Bushwakker, including head bartender in a large nightclub/dinner theatre, and in a English-style pub featuring a strong imported beer list. In addition to his work behind the bar, Grant is also the person who puts together all of the special events at the Bushwakker, from jazz nights to single malt scotch tastings. He is also responsible for marketing. He was named Regina's top bartender in 1999 and 2003. He has also received training as a brewer in The Bushwakker brewery. Like many members of the Bushwakker team, Grant takes great pride in being part of what is widely recognized as one of North America's top brewpubs.

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Cheryl Tovey
- Floor Manager

Cheryl Tovey

Cheryl came to the Bushwakker in the Spring of 1992, just a few months after it opened. Serving is her choice profession and she does it professionally! Readers of Regina's entertainment and hospitality weekly, The Prairie Dog, have voted her “Best Regina Server” for each of the past five years.  
As Floor Manager, Cheryl trains new servers at the Bushwakker, schedules their shifts and watches over all the tables to catch and correct any oversights. She also fills in wherever needed, as bartender, hostess, light office worker or table re-arranger. She helps coordinate the many special events at the Bushwakker, takes bookings, arranges seating, and oversees the hosting and seating of the events.
Cheryl loves her work and it shows. She has confidence that every item from the brewery, the bar and the kitchen at the Bushwakker will be absolutely top notch! It is always her goal to see that every Bushwakker customer is a satisfied customer.
Cheryl is responsible for the addition of the blond ale to our in-house beer list. She worked with head brewer at the time, David Rudge, to formulate the beer and it is appropriately named “Cheryl's Blond Ale”. It's formulation has since been fine-tuned by current brewer Mitch Dalrymple.  
Fans of Cheryl and Cheryl's Blond Ale can show their support by purchasing her T-shirt, featuring the new Cheryl's Blond Ale logo.

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